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FocalOttawa and the Black Walnut Bakery

The Black Walnut Bakery, a family-oriented business that is a cornerstone to their local

community, is a proud sponsor of FocalOttawa. Known across the city for the quality of their

products, the Black Walnut Bakery sells a variety of pastries and other baked goods in the Ottawa area. The Black Walnut Bakery, owned by co-founders Isaac Fouchard and Myroslava Mykytyn values authenticity, community, and ingenuity which is clearly evident in the products they produce, and the initiatives they take on to support charities. The baked goods which the Black Walnut Bakery produces is not only of incredible quality, it also comes with the added benefit of supporting local farmers and businesses. Founders Isaac and Myroslava maintain that supporting local farmers and organic farming processes ensure that the quality of their products are always outstanding and made fresh to order. All pastries and baked goods are seasonal - fresh Canadian strawberries are used in the summer and apples are used in the winter. The Black Walnut Bakery aims to maintain an approachable environment for all customers, ensuring affordable prices and catering to dietary restrictions for all goods. The team at the Black Walnut Bakery not only work very well together, but are supported in their individual endeavors by the founders. In an interview with Mr. Fouchard, he stated that one-on-one meetings are conducted at least once a month with all staff members to check in on their wellbeing. The founders recognize the importance of staff wellbeing and view them as individuals with their own aspirations rather than cogs in a machine. The bakery places an emphasis on supporting employees not only in developing their working skills, but also supports their individual endeavors and people. This community support extends far beyond the business as well. Every

month, a charitable campaign is chosen to be supported by the business in which a percentage of the proceeds is donated to charities selected by staff. Examples of some of these initiatives include the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Eastern Seals Ontario, and of course, FocalOttawa. In conclusion, FocalOttawa and the Black Walnut Bakery foster synergies in our combined efforts to create more community support. Values of both organizations align seamlessly in our ambitions to support our community through charitable initiatives, and supporting our youth in their development. The Black Walnut Bakery is an integral component of their local community, and will continue to be known for the quality of their products, the positive environment they bring to the food industry, and the positive impact they have had on our community through their charitable initiatives and benevolent attitudes.

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