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Who We Are

FocalOttawa is an intergenerational initiative dedicated to promoting and helping local businesses—amidst the pandemic now more than ever—through our buy-local campaign. We believe passionately in the transformative power of buying local products to strengthen individual local companies and in turn, the Ottawa economy.

Founding Team: Alice Yang, Heather Liu, Hser Pwa La, Mansi Sethi, Myar Mosleh, Naya Holman, Rachel Lowenburg, Soumaya Boubekeur, Zaina Zaraki, Jarrod Nichol, and Steve Georgopoulos


Soumaya Boubekeur

Head of Website Design

Hi! My name is Soumaya Boubekeur and I am the website team captain for this project! I am also the co-president of the Gloucester High School Key Club. I enjoy volunteering and working on improving the experience of volunteerism in high school. I like to shop and love to find small local stores with all unique things you can't find anywhere else! I also love bubble tea!

Zaina Karaki

Head of Sales

Hi, I am Zaina Karaki. I am in the tenth grade and a member of Sir Robert Borden's Key Club. I am very passionate and determined about this initiative and what we are doing. I have always enjoyed volunteering and helping others. Thus, I am so glad to be a part of this initiative that helps local businesses as well as supports students in need.

Naya Holman

Head of Marketing

Hello I am Naya. I am a co-president of the John McCrae Key Club and I’m also in grade 12. I wanted to help and spend my time volunteering with FocalOttawa because this initiative is helping local businesses. Especially with the reality we are in now I am finding comfort in helping these businesses. I am so grateful for the experiences and mentorship I am getting. 

Mannie Chhabra
Mannie in leaf.png

Co-Head of  External Affairs

Hi! I am Mannie Chhabra and I am an alumni of Canterbury Key Club. I currently attend McMaster University where I am completing my Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Behaviour. I love service and volunteering and hop on any opportunity that allows me to help make a difference. I am so grateful to be a part of this initiative helping the local economy and our local youth!

Annabel in Leaf.png
Annabel Lu

Sales Associate

Hello! My name is Annabel Lu, I’m in grade 10 and a member of the Colonel By Secondary School Key Club. I love volunteering and getting involved in my community. I’m so happy to be a part of this initiative together with a great team, and for the opportunity to contribute to local youth and businesses. In my free time, I also enjoy reading, debating and drawing!

Xue Feng Shi

Marketing Associate

Hello! I’m an 11th grade co-president of OCV High School’s Key Club who is very passionate about Ottawa’s local economy. This initiative has given me the opportunity to further contribute to the community while gaining valuable experiences along the way, and I’m so honoured to have the chance to work with this wonderful team!

Xue Feng in leaf.png
Rachelle Choi
Rachelle in Leaf.png

Co-Head of External Affairs

Hi! My name is Rachelle Choi and I'm in the eleventh grade at Colonel By Secondary School! I'm a part of the sales team and conduct research with local businesses for FocalOttawa. I enjoy volunteering and look forward to the impact that FocalOttawa will have on the local community!

Jillian Reeves
Jill in leaf.png

Sales Associate

Hi, My name is Jill and I am now a 10th grader at John McCrae Secondary School. I also am the co-president for the John McCrae Key Club! I love volunteering and dedicating my time to helping out others, and I am so excited to be part of this amazing team! I love to shop local, as you can always find unique items that one day can be so valuable to you as a memory to look back upon.  

Jarrod Nichol


Coach, consultant, advisor, and volunteer.  Always looking to help make a difference.

Kathy Jones
Kathy in leaf fixed.png


Member of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa West and Advisor to the Sir Robert Borden Key Club.

Donald Keyes 

Honorable Advisor

A Proud 42 Year member of The  Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and a  40 year member of Kiwanis International's Legion of Honor.

Steve_G (1).png
Steve Georgopoulos


Known as a mentor and ambassador for many organizations. Proud 30-year Member of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa

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